Arrrgh, Matey!!

Sail the high seas for plunder and booty!!

Who ARE these people in Pirate shirts?

I don't know either, but if you want to be one, just look here.

Lady Pirates? I believe the politically correct term is "Wenches".

Behind every successful Pirate is a beautiful Wench. You can join crew with these classic designs for only the most discerning lady pirates.

Release your inner Piratess!!

Only the latest in 500 year old styles will be found here!!

The Captain is the Master of all he surveys.

And these striking coats will ensure that all who survey you know who the Master is.

Pirates and Parrots and Wenches, oh my

Every day is Talk Like a Pirate Day if you want it to be Check out some of our most special costumes below

John Coxon Shirt C1004 $73.88

John Coxon Shirt C1004      $73.88
I almost fell on the wooden pier leading me to a boat I was about to board for a day long journey. What was that vision? A man wearing an outstanding blue shirt, all glorious and sharp looking. He looked at me, all smiles and declared "Ahoy proud beauty, pleased to make ye acquaintance! I gunna be th' cap'n 'o th' boat ye be 'bout to get on this day!" My journey was starting so well! Size: S/M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL + $11.00EXT + $11.00 Color: Natural, Black, Chocolate, Gold,Hunter Green, Red, Hawaiian Ocean, Royal Blue, White

Blackbeard Coat C1001 $174.88

Blackbeard Coat C1001  $174.88
Size: S/M, L, XL, XXL A ship captain is a man of distinction. Made using Cotton Velvet fabric, Blackbeard Coat is an article of clothing that demands authority & respect. The Gold Buttons, Flap Pockets and Black Lace make this a must have for Captain leaving for a voyage. Vest and shirt is not included.

Benjamin Coat C1024 $144.88

Benjamin Coat C1024  $144.88
Size: S/M, L, XL, XXL Wine-colored coat made from Cotton Velvet with black lace decorations on the front & on the cuffs. Golden buttons have been provided in front & have been used to decorate the collar, pockets & the cuffs.

Mary Read Blouse C1017 $81.88

	Mary Read Blouse C1017  $81.88
Size: S/M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL + $6.00 EXT + $6.00 Color: Black,, Red Mary Read Blouse is made from thick & rich Viscose Velvet fabric. It has a short length in front & long flowing back. Frills & eyelets in front & ruffled cuffs complete the renaissance look.

McGreedy Blouse C1018 $69.88

	McGreedy Blouse C1018  $69.88
Size: S/M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL + $6.00 EXT + $6.00 Color: Black, Chocolate, Gold, Hunter Green, Red, Hawaiian Ocean, Royal Blue, White McGreedy Blouse is made from thick & rich Viscose Rayon fabric. It has a full elasticized shoulder for the classic renaissance look. Front opening with ties allows it to be worn with or without tying the knot. Available Color Options:
Black | White | Red | Hawaiian Ocean | Hunter Green | Gold | Royal Blue | Chocolate

Barbarossa Blouse C1019 $67.88

	Barbarossa Blouse C1019  $67.88
Size: S/M, L, XL, XXL Color: Black,, Red Barbarossa Blouse is made from rayon crepe fabric. It has a plunging V-shape neckline with frills around the neck & in front. Loose-fit sleeves have a frill at wrist. Available Color Options: Red, White & Black

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